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Company Profile

Tylden Equipment Sales is an Australian manufacturer of concrete batching plants, storage bins, silos, material handling  and mixing equipment. Established in 1969, we are based in Kyneton just north of Melbourne. Adjacent to major transport corridors, the company is positioned ideally to serve both Australian and International markets.

The company can provide integrated solutions for all your concrete production batch plants, cement product storage, road base blending/stabilising plants, mine backfill blending plants and water treatment plant additives.

What we do:

  • Concept and detail design
  • Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Fabrication
  • Project managment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Servicing and repairs

Fixed, transportable and mobile silos for storage of dry powders for :

  • Cement
  • Fly Ash
  • Slag
  • Silica
  • Lime
  • Plaster
  • Aggregates  & Sand
  • Ground Clay
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • PVC and polymer powder
  • Carbon
  • Magnesium

Tylden offer one of the largest ranges of silos in Australia. They are designed and built to Australian Standards and are suitable for installation and use throughout the continent.

They have been developed to be externally serviced, eliminating the need for confined space entry.

Filling is from pneumatic tanker and they can be supplied with integrated weighing systems, environmental filters, overfill protection and overpressure relief systems.

Transportable silos are designed to fit onto standard or extendible triaxle trailers and may be unloaded using wind down legs and the trailer air bag system.

Mobile silos are built into dual or tri axle trailers.

Bulk bag unloaders:

For powder type products we manufacture bulk bag unloaders from 1 m3 to 4 m3 capacity on a full skid base complete with fork lift pockets for ease of loading/unloading unit from your transport truck.

The unloader comes complete with screw conveyor of varying outputs, which can load straight to your concrete mixer. There is an optional weigh base with digital scale to use for batching and stock control.

Fixed, transportable and fully mobile concrete batching plants:

Tylden offer a wide range of batching plants from the traditional high production equipment to fully mobile single trailer mounted units.

The single trailer unit is highly mobile and is ready for action in just a few hours from arrival to site.

Batching accuracy is important for a consistent end product so Tylden offer a wide range of weigh batch and recording equipment. Full computer operated plants can be arranged.


Blending Plants & Cement Treated Plants:

Tylden offer complete blending plants or add on equipment to turn your existing blending plant into a cement treated plant. Cement dosing systems are from simple metering through rotary valves to loss in weight systems for improved accuracy for main roads department specifications. Product addition monitoring and print out is available.


Concrete Agitators or Mixers and Replacement Drums:

Tylden offer a range of concrete agitators from 1.6 m3 mini to 7.5 m3 maxi units.

The operating height of the 2.6 m3 mini as is approx. 2,670mm allowing access into lower areas.

Maxi mixers are available in 5, 6. 7.5 m3 drum capacity.

Also available is a low rise mixer suitable for underground operations.

All of our agitators are supplied with a plant risk assessment, maintenance manual and service schedule.

Skin and Hide Processing Agitators and Replacement Drums:

 We offer 9m3 water level, electric motor driven skin and hide processing drums on fulll skid frame base with optional feed chute. Larger ones available upon request, including stainless steel models to 20 m3.

Custom made materials handling plants:

If you require a comprehensive materials handling plant we can develop one specifically for your needs. No job is too big or small. We will work with you to design a plant that suits your processes and procedures.


Installation, Commissioning and Training services:

Tylden provides installation and commissioning services for the supplied equipment. This is undertaken by our professional and highly experienced field service team. Comprehensive planning and safety analysis is undertaken prior to site work commencing. Operator training can be provided to your staff in the plant operation, through to safety and maintenance requirements.


Field Service and Process Improvements:

We offer specialist maintenance and process improvements to both new and existing materials storage and handling units together with batch plants. Quality replacement and wear parts are available.


Engineering and Drafting for integrated solutions:

Our experienced team is willing and able to provide a range of engineering services and drafting services to assist in developing your projects.

Typically these include:

  • Concept designs and drawings
  • Structural design and detailing
  • CAD drawings
  • Project management


Manufacturing Factory:

Our manufacturing takes place in our 2,300m2 factory in Kyneton, Victoria.

On site we undertake fabrication, construction, shot blasting, painting, assembly, pre delivery testing and calibration.  With each job documentation is provided, including plant risk assessments, drawings and plant manual.


Contact Us:

To obtain further information on our products and services, to discuss your requirements and to obtain quotes find us at:

 +61 3 5422 3122





Tylden Equipment Sales,
1906 Trentham Road Kyneton, Victoria, 3444, Australia
Telephone: 03 5422 3122   Fax: 03 5422 3226   Email: tylden@tyldenequipment.com.au